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Dedicated Connections
Monthly Price
Setup Fee
56k modem $145/month $ 50/one time
64k ISDN $190/month $150/one time
128k ISDN $290/month $300/one time
The above prices do not include local sales tax.
Dedicated connections are for those that need a constant 24 hour a day access to the internet. The 64k and 128k ISDN connections can be used to integrate offices and/or to support small web servers.
All dedicated accounts include up to five email accounts.
An office router is needed to connect a group of users.
On site setup available at an addition charge.
IP addresses are available upon request.

Compu-Net is the leading expert in networking, integrated solutions and internet connections in this area. Compu-Net's consulting experts are ready to help you with your entire internet and system networking integration needs.

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